How do I know if I need a coach?

1. If you need information - We all want to make the best decisions with our money, but we don't always have all the right information.  As a financial coach, I do not sell any financial products.  This ensures you unbiased help without worrying about getting a sales pitch as well.

2. If you need hope - Few things kill our hope more than being in the midst of a financial problem.  Financial coaching is built to inject hope into your situation and to help you gain the confidence to overcome the scariest problems.

3. If you need motivation - So often we find that we know what we should be doing with our money, but we don't do it.  There's a disconnect between our head and our heart.  Financial coaching gives you one on one help and accountability.  We aren't made to go it alone.

Should couples attend coaching sessions together?

Yes!  In fact, I require both of you meet with me together if at all possible.  Money problems are the number one cause of divorce in America, and nothing is better than to have both of you on the same page when it comes to money.  Learning to do a budget together and to keep to it does wonders for marriages.  Can you imagine getting to the point where you don't have money arguments anymore? 

If I need help with my money, how can I afford coaching?

Several years ago my wife and I first took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class.  It cost around $100 and we thought we might be making a bad financial decision by taking the class.  Looking back we laugh at ourselves because that class ended up being invaluable to us and our future.  Investing a little bit in your financial future now will change your life in dramatic ways.  It seems like a lot now, but the peace and wealth that comes from getting your financial house in order are much more than worth it.